MrEminent42's Projects

Name Short Description Based on Request BukkitDev Page Download/s
CommandBlocker Block all /minecraft: and /bukkit: commands. More features soon to come! BukkitDev Link Download Link
EzWarnings Easially warn players, with automatic punishments! BukkitDev Link Download Link
HasPermission Test if a player has a permission or not! Download Link
LiveCording Allow players to broadcast when they are recording or streaming! BukkitDev Link Download Link
OnlyCommand Allow only certian commands to be run! (With permissions!) thexxstick Download Link
PermColorSigns Magicially put color on signs! With permissions, of course! Download Link
PermissionBoosters Give your players permission-based boosters for QuickSell! All QuickSell Users BukkitDev Link Download Link
PrestigeBoosters Give players permission based boosters for QuickSell based on prestige. permision! Download Link
SignTools Magicially put color on signs! With permissions, of course! More to come soon. BukkitDev Link Download Link
onJoinCommands When a player joins, run commands from Console or make the player run them! Download Link